Selina Fairbairn started acting at the age of 8 with the Leinster School of Music and Drama. She has eight first class honours awards in speech and drama, which she achieved through the Leinster School of Music and Drama, a first class honour being the highest attainable award given by the school. In her eight years with the drama school, she developed stage, camera, speech and drama experience. She is also a professionally trained soprano with the Leinster School of Music and enjoys writing her own songs.

Selina has professional dance experience in Ballet, Irish Dancing, Tap from the Billy Barry School of dance. She has also danced at The Billy Barry School of Dance 25th anniversary show in The Gaiety Theatre, Dublin.

She has experience on numerous T.V. shows, such as “Fair City” (a Dublin-based soap opera), “The Clinic” (scrubs nurse, episode 10), “Tudors” (an American drama T.V. series, in which she played a lady courtier), and the pilot for “The Attitude’s Show”. She also has experience on Film productions such as “A Tiger’s Tale” (Irish feature film), “13” (American feature film; role: auction guest), “Becoming Jane” (a U.K. feature film; role: dinner guest), “Block” (Irish short film; role: artist) plus the sales DVD for the Tower Hotel Group which received the Best Marketing Innovation Award at the HSMAI Awards.

Her up and coming feature film roles include: “Danny”, playing the part of Eileen; “Mrs Friendly”, playing the part of detective O’ Brian; “The Edge”, playing the part of a surf girl, whose name is yet to be decided.

During all of this, she somehow managed to get a BA (Hons) Psychology degree. While working towards her degree, she studied in Loch Haven University of Pennsylvania for a semester. She also attended the 75th annual meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association of America (April 15 - 18, 2004) in Washington D.C., and attended the National Students Congress (April 8 - 10, 2005) in Queens University Belfast. She presented her thesis at the congress and the abstract of her thesis was published in The Irish Psychologist (April 2005, volume 31, issue 9). Selina achieved a first class honours for her thesis, which examined the nature, incidence and correlates of bully/victim problems among Irish female prisoners.

She attended the 2nd International Residential Child Care Conference (April 26 - 28, 2005) in Dublin, and at this conference attended an Advanced Collaborative Problem Solving workshop. She has been a member of The Psychological Society of Ireland since 28th of April 2005 and has also been a member of the Eastern Psychological Association of America since 15th of April 2004.