In "The Resurrection", the town is besieged by an epidemic of supernatural origin, resembling the smallpox that swept through the town in 1794. But this mysterious illness kills very quickly.

It took us a month of preparation to convert an office suite in downtown Portsmouth into our "clinic", borrowing office furniture from a nearby business, renting a hospital bed and other equipment, and filling the hallway with mattresses for the "patient overflow". Filming took two very long days, and several of our clinic patients had to endure lengthy applications of uncomfortable make-up.

Clinic Patients (in alphabetical order):

Jason Crowell
M. Wolfie Dooley
Anna Dumas
Dan Ferguson
Robert Lindsay
Michael Majetich
Kristen Randall
Carmella Rosenbach
Nathan Strong
Cynthia Thompson
Lee Thompson

Additional cast for the clinic scenes:

Lindsey Gray (Nurse Suzie)