WARNING: This film is bloody and fairly graphic.

"Packing" was our entry into a contest held by the Eerie Horror Fest in the Summer of 2006. The point of the contest was to come up with a one- or two-minute short film which advertised the film festival in a creative way - they were looking for something subtle and interesting, rather than a blatant ad.

So, I took a couple days to write and polish the screenplay, then got David Snyder and Robert Kersey on board. We also roped Cory Reed Smith (who would go on to play Nathan in "The Resurrection") into being our corpse. Filming took place from sunset to midnight in Dan Randall's backyard, using a cement "table" that was really an old, broken brick barbeque grill that Dan had cemented over. We covered the grass near the table with a strip of linoleum. Erich and the others took turns swinging a bulb with a reflector on it to simulate the swaying of a shop light. (This technique was later used in "The Resurrection".)

By the end of the evening, we were exhausted and covered in fake blood. Cory was so tired he drove home in his corpse make-up! But the film was well-received at the Horror Fest. Due to the chaos they were going through with a re-organization, the contest was never really held, but "Packing" was shown several times during the festival, and the audiences loved it! It was also featured for a time on their website.