For A Small Fee Crew

Jamie Fessenden

Jamie Fessenden lives and works in the Southern New Hampshire seacoast area. He was stage manager for a production of Runaways at Keene State College and took a course in screenplay writing at the University of New Hampshire, in Durham, NH, where he majored in Music Theory. After scoring a couple films for his brother, Bret Fessenden, including a 70-minute feature called The Axman, Jamie decided he would someday like to direct a film of his own.

Years later, he realized this goal with Dunkirk Studio's first feature-length film, The Sacrifice, on which he also played the roles of writer, cameraman and composer. Like most of Jamie's work, The Sacrifice is laced with homoeroticism, but chooses not to focus on this element, preferring to develop strong characters who just happen to be gay, involved in interesting plots.

Erich Rickheit

In addition to producing Dunkirk Studio's first film, The Sacrifice, Erich is also involved in creating digital effects for our films.