For A Small Fee Cast

Robert Kersey

Robert Kersey grew up in New Hampshire, but was born in Virginia. He moved to NH during his early childhood. Most of his early years were spent in the cub scouts and studying martial arts. After four years of studying karate, his studying stopped so he could focus on his education. He later picked up martial arts again in 2001; taking up shaolin kung fu this time around. He earned his 1st degree black belt in the art and has since taken a break from the school; however, he has never given up his love of the martial arts and continues to read texts on several different styles of kung fu.

He went to high school at Alvirne High School in NH where his focus of study was english. He joined many afterschool clubs including: Gaming Club, Drama Club, the literary magazine, and several other clubs to take up his time. Robert always loved movies, but the thought of acting never entered his mind until he started high school. In his freshman year, he joined the Drama Club as the shy, green-haired, unknown kid. He was brought in by a friend of his and stayed to himself during his first meeting. He later grew to enjoy their company and helped out. The following year, he was given the role of Borachio in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. However, because of unforseen problems the production was canceled. Throughout his high school career he continued to have his hand in acting, but each production was canceled. He continued to study english by squeezing in 5 1/2 years of english classes into a 4 year career. His classes included: british literature, fantasy, college composition, creative writing, and public speaking along with the usual first three years of english courses.

After graduation, he took a year off from school only to quickly hop back into academia by attending NHCTC in 2003. He spent two years jumping from major to major. During his first year he studied business. In the first half of his second year, he studied computers and in the second half, he studied massage therapy. While attending college, he joined the Diversity Club and the Player's Club (similar to the Gaming Club.) During his second year at NHCTC, he was taken on as the treasurer of the Diversity Club. The club promoted gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender lifestyles and tried to bring a better awareness to the local community. Robert was unable to find any major worth working at while in college and left after his second year.

Nowadays, he spends his time studing anything having to do with computers, more martial arts texts, reading books on acting, and spending his time with his friends, family, and girlfriend of more than two years, Anna Dumas.

Rob previously worked with us on the feature-length film, The Sacrifice, in which he played Jonathan, and played the part of Ty in "Boundaries of Attraction"..

David Snyder

David Snyder came to us from the Concord Community Players, where he had starred in their production of Marvin's Room. This is his second film with Dunkirk Studios, after starring as David in The Sacrifice.

Bob Pearson
(The Host)

This is Bob Pearson's second film for Dunkirk Studios, after playing Eli Corwin in The Sacrifice.

He has been with the Community Players of Concord for twenty-one years as an actor, producer, board member and backstage worker, as well as performing with Pittsfield Players, Northwood Theatre Workshop, Egg Timers, and New Thalian Players. He was a reading specialist for Concord School District before discovering that retirement was much more fun. He enjoys travel, skiing, reading, theater and meeting unusual people, all of which he has had the opportunity to do at Dunkirk Studios.

Ximon Dunedain

is a performance artist, dancer, and fine artist, and the sole proprietor of Icon Alchemy fine art and performance productions. She has studied numerous forms of dance and martial arts, including but not limited to: ballet, tap dance, jazz dance, modern dance, yoga, tai chi, and kung fu. She has been performing in one form or another since the age of 5, creating plays as a child with her friends during summer vacations, as well as participating in school plays and community theater. She was Varsity Captain of the Lincoln-Douglas debate team at Bainbridge Island High School in Washington State, and placed first in her district in both Lincoln-Douglas debate and Dramatic Interpretation. She attended Mount Holyoke College (1988-1992), where she participated in Parliamentary Debate and other public speaking events, and she was a teaching assistant for the Mount Holyoke Sculpture Department (1989-1991), assisting students in creating, firing, and mending lost-wax molds. She was also a foundry crew member for the same department, pouring bronze for the castings of up to 120 students per semester.

While she has gravitated away from bronze casting, for the time being, Ximon still enjoys creating in a variety of media, and in a variety of dimensions. Since 1991, she has created modern dance, pantomime, and contortionist performances and art installations for a variety of New England area nightclubs, art festivals, art galleries, conventions, and multi-media events. In addition, she continues to work in several two-dimensional media. Her illustrative work is profoundly influenced by the work of 19th-century illustrators such as Howard Pyle and Edmund Dulac, as well as that of comic book illustrators such as Bernie Wrightson and Dave McKean. She has shown her illustrative work in the 2002 & 2003 Maia’s Dream Winter Art Shows (at which she also displayed fiber arts), the 2001-2005 Arisia Art Shows, and at the May Fire 2004 Arts Festival. She has also been the curator of a four-artist show for the graphic arts portion of the multi-media event Paradise Lost in 2004, as well as the sole interior decorator and installation artist for that event.

Ximon is also a partner in the Art-in-Gaming company Owl and Crow, a founding staff member of the TempleCon gaming convention, and a founding member of the Atomic Immersion Collaborative, the creators of the full-immersion performance installation, the Orange Orgy, an all-ages colour-themed event at the science fiction/fantasy convention Arisia 2004. She was the sole designer and painter of the murals used in the event, and a performer and facilitator for the duration of the event. She is also a fine art model, and frequently creates her own costumes for modeling and performing, as well as engaging in make-up artistry for all events and films of which she is a part. She has been a “living statue” performer for the Reason8 clothing company, promoting social awareness through fashion and performance art. She also composes music and song lyrics, and on occasion sings and plays the violin. And last but not least, she has been a devoted live-action role-player since 1989, in a variety of role-playing systems and communities.

Ximon played the role of Dr. Marshfield in The Sacrifice.

Vicki Rourke-Rooney
(The Lab Tech)

This is Vic's second film for Dunkirk Studios. She played the role of Prudence Whitehead in The Sacrifice.

Cory Reed Smith
(Porn Ad Actor)

Cory was introduced to us by Robert Kersey, and has been helping Rob with some of our promotional material. He is a professional model, and has been in previous Dunkirk productions.